Back in Hong Kong

If only for 4 hours…..

I’m coming off an incredible flight operated by Cathay Pacific on one of its A350 aircraft. We left from Newark at 1:50am and arrived in Hong Kong at 4:30am the next day. I noted that the staff from Cathay did an amazing job forming lines to board. In the past this has frustrated me due to people pushing and being really aggressive. The staff did a nice job planning this out.

It’s a long flight and I think it’s safe to say the A350 on this route provides a great service. The seat was really comfortable, built well and no flat spots I’ve encountered from worn out seats. My back has been bothering me for the past week and I feel better than I did before I got on the plane.

The in flight entertainment was fantastic as well and the options and screen quality are the best I’ve ever seen. As a Social Studies teacher and lover of geography I could spend hours looking at them. Basically google earth at your fingertips and not limited to the route you’re flying.

Food was decent on the flight but not great. We had a great breakfast in HK at one of the only places open.

It always helps sitting next to a polite young man who was very nice and we had a brief conversation. My aft neighbor wasn’t my favorite with a lot of seat kicking, burping, slurping, attendant calls, etc… you know the type.

Really happy to get to our next flight and find it’s another A350 to Bangkok!

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