About Me

My name is Dan I have really been enjoying the new gadgets that make raising a baby easier and will be reviewing them here. A lot has changed in 16 years!

We cook, laugh, deal with dogs,  and enjoy everything this part of the country has on offer.  As a family we try and get out as much as possible and find ourselves on international and domestic trips several times throughout the year.

I want to share my experiences from the past and present through the eyes of someone that is anxious and at times impatient.  I think after reading some of my entries you’ll see the sort of person I am, take it or leave it.  I find travel to be the best medicine for my condition. I want other people to know it’s okay to be nervous about flying, it’s fine to be weary in a new city across the world, and not all the funky stuff you eat will make you ill.

I’m excited to share my stories and encourage people to take appropriate risks when venturing to new places.  I’m also happy to share ways to get through those tough experiences when you’re ready to just pack up and leave.  I’ve done that more than once!